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The Amazing Drag Race Registration is OPEN... here’s what you need to know!


1) Registration is limited- there will be 20 teams, first come, first serve. 


2) You will need a team lead to register. The team leader must be 18+ years old and will acknowledge on behalf of the team.


3) Teams are a maximum of 5 participants. BUT we consider a team as two or more players, so you don’t need 5 to compete!


4) All teams will be expected to follow the rules (posted) and sign liabilities the day of. 


5) There will be 20 checkpoints on your journey. They’ll be throughout the boundary lines of the town of Fort Frances and clues will connect with Pride, The Rainbow Connection (BCW), and community resources. This might include knowing facts, doing a team activity as well as other surprises along the way! 


6) On the day of, June 18, block your afternoon off. 12:00pm-4:00pm. We’ll kick off with safety and end with a HUGE community celebration. Family, friends and community will be encouraged to join us at the finish line for a barbecue!! 


If you, your organization, company or community want to support, please let us know! We’d love to see as many helpers, partners and agencies join!!!


Stay tuned as the event continues! Be sure to share, like and follow our page. This is an event NOBODY wants to miss.

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